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My BIG 4 way build
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Author:  mick [ 23 May 2017, 07:47 ]
Post subject:  My BIG 4 way build

Hi all.

What a great website this has turned out to be, full of information and some very informed people.

I am really hoping I can get some advice about my speaker build. Once upon a time I was married and I was fortunate enough to own a pair of Duntech Sovereigns. Then I got divorced and didn't own a pair of Sovereigns. So now I have a new house and a very large living area to fill with sound I want to build a copy of them seeing as though I cannot find anything this size for a reasonable price.

So I want to build a rather large 4 way 7 speaker system for my very large living area. The size of the speakers I am talking about could never afford commercially. So I have to build them.

I have decided on sealed enclosures, this eliminates a lot of problems for me. I have also decided on a fully active crossover as I inherited a couple of DCX2496 from a friend. I also have access to the amplifiers to run this. My friend runs a CNC factory so cabinets are no problem either.

I figure if I build all of these enclosures separately and then bolt them all together this should also alleviate some of my problems of building something this size. So my first question is whose drivers should I use? Should I stick with one companies range?

Author:  turk 182 [ 27 Jan 2018, 08:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: My BIG 4 way build

what sort of sims have you run on both the configurations you've presented?
speaker choice is going to be a compromise between budget and performance/design objectives emulating the Duntech's is no easy feat!

Author:  gofar99 [ 27 Jan 2018, 11:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: My BIG 4 way build

Hi, An ambitious project. One that has many chances to be less than the result you want. I would suggest an alternative. Since the room is big, it means you can use physically large speakers. I am presently using a pair of 7 cubic foot (about 200L) vented Altec Lansing Magnificants that came to me without drivers. After a lot of research I refurbed them with Great Plains Audio (a major supplier of Altec type components) 15 inch new production 416-8 (alnico version) woofers and Radian 475PB drivers on SEOS 15 inch wave guides. A second order crossover was easy to design and build. Why you might ask when they replace Martin Logan ESLs with powered subs? Simple they sound better and are hugely efficient. I use 5 watts per channel now and was using 40 before. The reason for these particular drivers is that the woofer has extremely flat response from 30HZ to just over 3K (unreal flatness -I have ways to test this). The 475 on that wave guide is quite clean and will reach to 800HZ. I used a 1675 HZ crossover and padded down the 475 to match the 96dbw of the woofer. The result is a really big sound that is clean and well defined. They need a big room to work best. This bit isn't cheap though. Each of the woofers are a little over $300 and the 475 and wave guide add about $175 per channel more. Crossover about $200 (I used really good parts). The plans for building one of the enclosures are out there, but I can take the measurements of mine if needed.

As I said since you don't have the usual size limit issue this is an alternate way to do it. Oh, one more thing....if you want it loud, these will do the job as they are a home variant of the Voice Of the Theater speakers that Altec made back then.

Good listening

Author:  victorvector [ 08 Dec 2019, 03:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: My BIG 4 way build

Your build is not "budget" or cheap , but , having said that , you have a very nice pair of speakers for the money.
Something I would be happy with , to be sure !

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