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Author:  RevM [ 30 Jun 2018, 11:34 ]
Post subject:  Sub amp

I am looking for a circuit for a sub amp to be driven from the back of my valve preamp. It needs to have a stereo input and a mono output to drive a single sub speaker. I would like it to have have variable cut off frequency and variable gain. I'm thinking that Ideally a chip-amp would suit. Any thoughts from anyone?

Author:  Suncalc [ 30 Jun 2018, 13:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sub amp

There are any number of amps that are suited for a sub amp. You could use a chip amp. You could also use one of the many class-D modules on the market.

But there are some important things to consider. Like how much power and sensitivity do you need? Do you need or want separate volume controls? (Yes I know, one output. But sometimes the ability to control how much one channel dominates is desired.) Do the inputs need to be buffered before combination? Have you chosen a bass driver yet? What are the driver characteristics?

Author:  RevM [ 30 Jun 2018, 14:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sub amp

Thanks Matt,

I have already built the sub cabinet using a single Volt P510 which I picked up cheaply. A single gain control would suffice. I'm really looking for flexibility more than anything, things don't stay the same too long in my system!

I will be driving it from the back of my SRPP preamp.


Author:  turk 182 [ 09 Nov 2018, 10:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sub amp

to bad you already built the box you could have made room for this ... r--300-807

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