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My impression of the 'Finalists'
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Author:  lamir35 [ 30 Oct 2018, 06:33 ]
Post subject:  My impression of the 'Finalists'

This is my review from 'diyaudio':
It's hard to compare speakers objectively as we all know (unless you have a proper A/B set up...), but I'll do my best to describe close listening to music I know well enough to tell what's missing and what is revealed by them.

I read the Finalists are all about the mid, which is very detailed with every lick in the singer's lips audible, but these speakers go deep deep down, better than any of the popular slightly more compact and aesthetic pairs can do. It's not massive bass but it's there (as low as 30Hz?).

First, there's great variability between how different genres sound on them. The 70's rock classics are generally badly recorded (King Crimson) with a few rare exceptions as the Pink Floyd, and don't sound that much more enjoyable on them than properly recorded material (sounds to me most has no extension down at all but I didn't analyze it with a software...).

Where they really shine is newer chamber music and especially modern acoustic music. My listening room is far from acoustically ideal, and as they say the room is part of the speakers, but even then music such as the 'Rodrigo Y Gabriela' duo guitar heavy laden music excels beyond my expectations.

The best I heard in them so far is Moondog's 'Sax Pax For A Sax'. It's crazy good. There's something it does just right with how it reproduces natural sounds with every delicate thump in Moondog's custom made percussion and the way which it decays into the black background with felt reverberations, with every instrument in the band easy to tell apart and isolate and I suspect it's not the sound engineer who got it right but rather the lack of engineering thereof (no compression?).

I don't see myself upgrading from these, and not just because it took so long to build... It's hard for me to justify upgrading from something which wow's me even after hours of listening, and it seems to me most popular recorded material isn't detailed enough to get much more out of...

The pics are low quality I just took with my phone. I really cut corners at the end and didn't bother to fix the pink polish stains and a few other cosmetic flaws but nobody even notices from afar... I'm mostly concerned with sound quality. I just listened to the Jacques Loussier Trio, and these babies sure deliver.

Hope I didn't tire you with my lengthy description, and thanks to Jim and to the patient guys I asked silly questions...

Author:  Jim Holtz [ 08 Nov 2018, 20:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: My impression of the 'Finalists'

Thank you very much for the very nice review! Our goal with the Finalists was to select drivers with the best midrange possible without breaking the bank. You validated our design goals and we're very pleased that you like them.

Enjoy the Finalists!

Best regards,

Jim Holtz

Author:  Gio [ 13 Nov 2018, 21:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: My impression of the 'Finalists'

Hi Lamir, thanks for sharing you impressions.

Link to the project page and enclosure details:

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