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My poor Shure earbuds
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Author:  Wuh [ 29 Jan 2020, 12:48 ]
Post subject:  My poor Shure earbuds

When i had hanging the cable over my shoulder (what i never do again :) ) the nozzle snapped of when i walked in a store.Did not found it back but didn,t caring much at the moment because i thought it should be a cheap repair.But to let the shell replaced is serious money and a new single bud is over €200.I really love them but i use them not enough to invest that kind of money.

On Aliexpress i found some cheap new shells.Has anyone experience in replacing shells on such delicate earbuds?And are there alternatives?I'm not shure if they fit as they should.I'm also thinking to gluw a new nozzle on but i don't want it to break off while wearing.

Any ideas on this?Not a priority for now but i'm very curious how they will sound on a decent tube amplifier.The mids are so good i just need to experience the tube sound with them.

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