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DIY Woojer Vest
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Author:  WiseOcean [ 26 Apr 2020, 19:06 ]
Post subject:  DIY Woojer Vest

So ive been hesitant to post my question for a diy project i want to do because im kinda afraid the speaker community would grill me for this but here it goes.

Im kind of a bass head... but a literally bass head to the point where i want to feel the bass rattle my head and my whole body. Enter the Woojer Vest, I saw this thing on a youtube ad because you know how ads work they always know whats on your mind lol. Well its like $500 and I was so sad so i thought hey im sure i can make something similar. I forgot to mentions that i like in an apartment that wont let me turn my speakers up because the whole place shakes :( anyways i saw these little bass shakers on Parts Express (Link 1) i though hey maybe some of these to a little Bluetooth amp that i also saw on Parts Express (Link 2). Additionally i some some Exciters (Link 3) that maybe could go on too im not sure. Which led me here asking for help! Is this even possible? This has been on my mind for a couple days now if someone could help me figure something out that would be super cool!
There is a 2 channel 30 watt per channel amp that i think could power 2 bass shakers per channel because they are 15watt 8ohm am i correct on that? ... m--300-388 ... 0--325-105 ... m--295-260

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