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Author:  tubelectron [ 21 Sep 2020, 14:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: The CUBE

Woodo wrote:
I like your analytical approach. I have a lot to learn about diy xovers. In the past I have purchased ready made ones, not really understanding the calculations. I should try harder.

It’s Interesting you used ferrite core inductors. For my BSC I used air cored but also bought a pair of ferrite core. In the end the air core fitted the small space better as I originally figured I wouldn’t use a BSC. Next time I will make some space under the box. Do you find the ferrite core sounds better?

Hi Woodo,

I'm waiting for the parts, so I can't tell...

For me, what makes the real difference is the DCR of the coil itself, not really the fact that it is Ferrite, Metal or Air core. Lower DCR - as found on Ferrite and Metal core coils - provides better efficiency and more dynamics mostly if the coil is serial, and it is quite easily heardable...

Insertion loss due to the DCR of a coil can be calculated by :

L = 20.log(Rm/(Rs+Rm))

Where :
L = insertion loss in dB.
Rm = impedance of the speaker in Ohms.
Rs = DCR of the coil in Ohms.

Examples for a speaker impedance Rm=8R :
If Rs=0.2R then L=-0.21dB. Well, OK.
If Rs=1R then L=-1.02dB. Here, this is not negligible anymore...

Another advantage of Ferrite or Metal core coils is that they neatly save the space taken in the enclosure volume for a lower DCR than Air coils, especially since it is a small volume enclosure (i.e. The Cube). 8-)

I know that some people will argue and say that Ferrite or Metal core are not as linear as Air core, and may saturate and distort. This is true for very high powers, largely over 100W RMS (metal core are often designed for 500W operation) but at the power we use our speakers most of the time, the benefits of the low DCR and space saving are much more obvious and interesting.

But it's me, OK ? ;)


Author:  tubelectron [ 27 Sep 2020, 16:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: The CUBE

The CUBE Story comes to its end...

Oiling with Syntilor water-solvent incolor protective oil for kitchen furniture :


Wiring the elements and stuffing :



First pictures finished :



Next step : measurements...


Author:  Gio [ 21 Oct 2020, 17:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: The CUBE

Great job on the enclosures. They look real good.

Author:  tubelectron [ 25 Oct 2020, 08:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: The CUBE

Thanks @Gio ! :)




Author:  tubelectron [ 15 Dec 2020, 15:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: The CUBE

BillyMorrison wrote:
I have also ordered a Monacor and on Ebay it was looking amazing. I have bought it three days ago and now I want to sell it because the one I got it was very cheap.

Well, it's somewhat surprising :confused: ... As far as I'm concerned, I really can't complain about those Monacor SP-100/8 : as used in The CUBE, they work and sound as expected, not to say better...

With this enclosure, crossover and room placement, the SP-100/8 offers a suprisingly bass extension with swift dynamics and natural tone, this without the boomy sound often associated to the small enclosures which are tuned too high and poorly stuffed.

And it's hooked to a Marantz 2015, with all tone controls set flat...


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