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High performance DAC with AKM4497EQ chip
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Author:  mwhouston [ 17 Oct 2019, 18:40 ]
Post subject:  High performance DAC with AKM4497EQ chip

I bought a Sony 700 4K player which had HDMI audio out and COAX. Three cheap HDMI to audio converts I bought all failed within a month. I’d had a AK4495 DAC with my Pi server via USB for some time and liked it. I decided to move to the 4497 chip (new from AKM) and bought a COAX only board. Realising too late if I got the board with USB and COAX I could use one brd. for the Pi and Sony player and be using the latest chip set plus displays.

I then ordered another brd and two pro heavy weight CNCed Al enclosures. I supplied the two trannies needed. The assembly takes about five hours but worth it. The panel is well lit and a Smokey front screen is also supplied. Lots of small bolts aren’t supplied but lucky I had plenty on hand.

At turn on the screen displays “AKM4497 DAC”. Then input; USB, COAX or Optical. Also which of six filters selected and bit rate. You can step through the filters real-time. Looks very pro and sound better than the 4495 and that’s saying something. Very happy. Now to sell off the other two DACs.

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