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Need ADVICE on properly Grounding / Shielding SUT
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Author:  Faye [ 24 Jan 2020, 15:34 ]
Post subject:  Need ADVICE on properly Grounding / Shielding SUT

Dear diyaudioprojects community,

I recently bought 2 PLT-1 SUT units and I intend to place them in a project box.
As my knowledge on hifi equipment is very small, I have some question marks. I hope that you can help me.
I tried to lay out the parts that I intend to place into the project box for a better understanding of my questions (see picture).

- 2 PLT-1 SUT transformers:
- 4 standard audio jacks
- 2 ground terminals
- 1 Hammond Electronics Aluminium Project Box, EMI shielded: ... d/1457-emi

1. Should the PLT-1 units touch the case within the box or should I isolate them electrically from the case, a.e. by mounting them onto a plastic board?

2. What about grounding? If I electrically isolate the PLT-1 units from the project box, is there still any necessity to ground the box itself? If so, why?

3. Do I need 2 ground terminals on the box ("ground in/out") or can I attach both 'ground in' (from the turntable) and 'ground out' (to the phono preamp) to the same ground terminal?

4. The box itself is EMI shielded according to the manufacturer. Should I additionally shield it, a.e. by lining the interior with muMetal foil?

5. Which of these ground methods should I use?
Method 1: Grounding wire from TT directly to phono preamp AND also grounding wire from the SUT box directly to the phono preamp.
Method 2: Grounding wire from TT to SUT box, and then grounding wire from SUT box to phono preamp?

Thanks in advance for helping me. I appreciate any advice. :)

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