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Goldring 1024
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Author:  gofar99 [ 26 Aug 2020, 21:06 ]
Post subject:  Goldring 1024

Hi Folks, I know there are a few vinyl spinners out there. I thought I would pass on some thoughts on a rather decent cartridge that IMO does about 90% of what my Dynavector Ruby Karat23RS-MR does. That BTW was in the $2000 range (current $$) before discontinued. Many folks believe it to be better than the DV 17D cartridges in current production in the $2000 price range. Anyhow the sound is quite clean, good extension from top to bottom, really good centering and nearly as wide a sound stage as the DV. It sounds rather similar to the DV. Another plus is that it is MM compatible (the DV is LOMC). Best yet is the price. Juno (a DJ supplier in the UK) has been selling them for $250US. The stylus is also replaceable and is a Geiger S design. The DV stylus is not and requires an expensive retrofit. So if you want to try a rather nice sounding cartridge this may be the one for you. Considering that I have six turntables and a bunch of cartridges (three different Grado incl a Gold and a Sonata II, a Hana EL, ADC XLM, OM30, AT33ptg-II, AT F-7, plus a few lesser ones) I think it speaks highly of the Golding that it gets any play at all.

Good listening

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