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Collins S Line AM Mod
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Author:  Alpha Wolf [ 15 Aug 2019, 18:06 ]
Post subject:  Collins S Line AM Mod

Has anyone done the mod to use you Collins S Line Transmitter on Am. Well I am as old as my 32S-1 transmitter that I have had for 40+ years and am the second owner. I also have the 75S-1 receiver as well. They are the way they were from day one. Only new electrolytic caps and 6146's over the years. I use mainly 40 meters.I have a 20 watt transmitter that I built driving a 813 linear that I also made. There is a mod that uses 2 .01 caps a 5k lot and a switch. For Am. No holes have to be drilled and every thing can be mounted under the top cover. What I am asking has anyone done this. The reason is my 813 linear relay heats up my shack. To the point I can not use it during the day. And with the solar minimum 20 watts will not cut it. With my Collins I get 125 watts. I have talked all the way to Russia and New Zealand with my 1/4 40 meter vertical. I have talked to George and Canada with 20 watts. But that is only when the band is open. Which is few and far between now. 73's

Author:  Alpha Wolf [ 07 Sep 2019, 11:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Collins S Line AM Mod

The Collins am mod can be found in 1961 qst or at It is very simple and you are able to get 40 watts out. I have tried it and have had good reports. This mod can be switched on or out and can be removed to put transmitter back to factory.Note modified Collins are worth far less than unmodifed. Being 60 years old they still stand ok to and above the rice boxes. There is an old saying Only real Radios glow! 73's

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