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Outfit Old Console/Victrola Cabinet with New Electronics....
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Author:  superfreak3 [ 05 Aug 2018, 17:44 ]
Post subject:  Outfit Old Console/Victrola Cabinet with New Electronics....

Hi there,

I hope this is the correct forum for this, but here goes. I'm been wanting to acquire a small console cabinet or Victrola cabinet for refinishing and new electronics. My question is, where do I even start to determine the components I need?

For example, lets say I find a Victrola cabinet like the one attached. I would like to put a newer turntable in the top and the speakers in the bottom area behind the doors. What do I need and what type. I guess I would need a turntable, cheap amp, small-ish speakers, etc. I don't want to break the bank and this doesn't have to blow the windows out of the house by any means.

It will mainly just be a piece of furniture until the holiday season when I play my Christmas vinyl.

Any help, tips, needed components list and links to them would be AWESOME.

Thanks in advance.

Author:  M. Gregg [ 06 Aug 2018, 05:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Outfit Old Console/Victrola Cabinet with New Electronics

You need to specify a bit more.

EG you say buy the cabinet then fit it out cheaply.
Do you mean spend most on the cabinet doing it up with a good finish.
Then cheap electronics to just play records.

If that is the aim then a cheap stand alone record player with a set of computer speakers and amp, job done.

If that's not what you mean and want to fit/build equipment into the cabinet to sound nice etc.
Then is this tube/valve or solid state. You could build a Magnavox amp or do up an old one.
If its Solid state then you could build a small kit with a chip amp.

The speakers are again another matter.
You could go small full range like Alpair 7, or you could again just use some old second hand equipment.
There is so much variation and cost difference its hard to give an answer.
Or you could just buy/find second hand HiFi and build it in.

M. Gregg

Author:  M. Gregg [ 06 Aug 2018, 05:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Outfit Old Console/Victrola Cabinet with New Electronics


you can buy some very powerful second hand HiFi amplifiers.
eg a cheap pioneer a300x is nice and has a phono stage.
On the second hand market look for the old What HiFi winners is a reasonable guide.
Again this is personal taste and linked to cost/ability and what you want to achieve.
You could include bluetooth and then people who come over could play music off their phones.
You could use juke box ideas, its an open book/blank canvas.
You could add some lighting and a glass panel its really a matter of taste. :D
You also don't say if you want to play 78 records?
Are you thinking along the lines of the old stereogram?

M. Gregg

Author:  superfreak3 [ 06 Aug 2018, 19:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Outfit Old Console/Victrola Cabinet with New Electronics

Thanks for the replies.

I'm thinking solid state, not tubes or anything like that.

I've seen some decent old cabinets for $150 or less. I would say another $150 for the audio equipment would be nice. I know that doesn't leave a lot of room and I'm not opposed to used gear.

This doesn't have to be flashy, doesn't have to have Bluetooth capability or anything like that.

It would be nice if I could find a turntable that I could fit in the top so it looks like its supposed to be there. As far as speakers, I would like to be able to open the bottom doors and be able to see speakers that also seem like they belong, not just some computer speakers sitting in there.

I know this is probably a tall order. I would also go with an older stereo console cabinet if it was small enough.

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