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 Post subject: Computer Desk Build
PostPosted: 25 Jul 2016, 00:16 

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So, I'm looking to build a computer desk, and build my next computer inside it. I also plan on putting LED strips along the shelf both at the desk surface and the wall behind. With all this, I thought it would be cool to have speakers permanantly mounted/part of the desk. So let me know if this is stupid or not...

But here's the thing, these speakers don't need to be that good. I'm no where near an audiophile... I hardly listen to much music. These speakers primarily will be for gaming (from my reasearch into diy speakers, I think this would be like a home theater setup). On top of that, I will mostly be using a headset for not disturbing my family. The speakers would be only for when sharing something.

So they don't need to be that great. Mostly, I want them as a part of the desk. I'm a structural engineer, so I have not built many circuts/devices (or really any). I want this to be simple, and realatively cheap (i was initially thinking ~$100 US for everything to make it work- i have nothing to start with), and small (they are to be on top of the desk).

So far, i think the closest is zaph audio's design with the HiVi b3s... but then not sure about an amp... and I don't get how to make the filter from the sketch....

So, I'm a complete newbie at this... But I really want to pull this off. Anyone have suggestions on a real basic introduction to building speakers (from the amp through enclosures, where to get parts, how to construct filters/crossovers from schematics..), or suggestions on designs (including amp).. simpler the better...

 Post subject: Re: Computer Desk Build
PostPosted: 09 Sep 2016, 06:54 

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Use conventional computer speakers and just build shelfs for the speakers

 Post subject: Re: Computer Desk Build
PostPosted: 09 Sep 2016, 14:53 
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Hi, I'm inclined to agree with that. There are many decent sounding self powered PC speakers. It would simplify your design. Just watch out for ones with a tuned port on the rear. If you build them in the low frequency response will be compromised as the port frequently handles about 1/2 to 2 octaves of bass below the speaker itself. Sealed enclosures do not have this issue but generally either don't go as low in response or require more power (look up Thiel parameters for why). For the lights ...LEDs are now available (and cheap) in strips. They need 12 VDC to operate and a wall wart is just fine for them. I find the sticky back on them is not strong enough for many uses but 3M double sided mounting tape (I like the super strength version) works great. You can really get creative with the LEDs. They come in colors as well and with a suitable controller (also cheap) you can have all sorts of visual effects. :wizard: IMO many of which will not improve your computing. :eek:

Good listening

Some of my DIY Tube Amplifier Projects:

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