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Advice needed breathing new life into old junk :)
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Author:  robbie21 [ 13 Oct 2020, 18:03 ]
Post subject:  Advice needed breathing new life into old junk :)

Hello all,

I was talking to a friend of mine who is considering altering an old portable sound system. I'm a big fan of the site so I thought I'd post here in the hopes that I can feed back some good info 8-)

The candidate is an old Block Rocker IPA006. With an aim of keeping costs down, he's looking at altering it so it's less sucky.

The following is a copy/paste from his email:

The existing circuitry is junk. It's got a transformer for mains which won't be used (12V input is preferred as will mostly be used around cars and other 12V sources) it's also got a redundant 30 pin iPod dock. As for the speakers, it looks like a mono setup with a mediocre tweeter and 8" sub. There is a mic input which was handy and would be great to preserve.

The battery used is a Huanyu HYS1250 (12v 5Ah) which gave a rather impressive run time of about 12 hours when it still worked years ago.

I found some Vibe Slick 69.2's in the loft and I was thinking, maybe they could be used?

My brainstorm idea is this:

1. gut existing circuitry
2. keep sub, ditch tweeter
3. fit vibes to sides of unit (the 69.2's are 2 way)
4. fit a 12V amp such as the TPA3116
5. fit decoder unit for bluetooth/aux and mixer for mic that feed to amp
6. Use better battery (I can find a 12V 12Ah lead battery for ~£20)

So layout is:

Decoder > Mixer > Amp > Left (Vibe 1), Lows (Sub), Right (Vibe 2)

I've been looking around on net and various sources seem to suggest that using car audio is a no go, and that a PA speaker is the way to go, although this would incur extra cost. I suspect the Vibes may be too higher wattage (RMS 135 / Peak 400) for a small amp like the TPA3116?

Questions for you:

1. Is this flogging a dead horse? Are the Vibes a bad idea? It's only because they're here and free that I have even considered this.
2. I have read that the TPA3116 ideally needs 24v or it will suck.. this is going to double the cost of the batteries if so and make a possible later internal charging solution more complex. Do you have any experience with 12v? Or is there a better alternative?
3. Is this all just a crap idea and would I be better off with a PA speaker?

The whole idea comes from not wanting to take them to the tip but hinges on not spending the same amount as some purpose designed units on Amazon.. with Prime Day deals on inter-connectable lithium speakers being so cheap.. it would be a waste of money

I don't really know the answers to these things as I'm amateur 240V (at best!) I don't even have any kind of 12V ICE in my car, so maybe someone here can put him out of his misery!

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