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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

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Fostex-FE206E-Rear-Loaded-Horn.jpgFostex FE206E Rear Loaded Horn22144 viewsThese are my Fostex FE206E fullrange loudspeakers. The cabinet is the Fostex FE208E Sigma recommended enclosure. Two layers of ply 1/2" and 3/4", mahogany stained sides and birds eye maple baffles.
MAW-10-DIY-Subwoofer-Jim.jpgJim's MAW-10 DIY Subwoofer 22122 viewsJim's build of the DIY 10" Ported Subwoofer Project.
Open-Baffle-Plans.jpgOpen Baffle Plans from Stereo Sound "Tube Kingdom"20939 viewsThese are Open Baffle Plans from Stereo Sound "Tube Kingdom", Volume 3, 1996. The plans are in Japanese are were part of a single-driver "shootout" which included 8" full range and coaxial drivers - Altec/WE755A, Altec 755C, Altec 755E, Altec 409B, Altec 409-8E, JBL LE8T-H, EV Pro-8A, and also a 15" coaxial units Altec 604-8K and JBL 2155H.

For more information about these open baffle plans see:

- Open Baffle Speaker with Ciare CH250
- Open Baffle - the minimalist approach.
John-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amplifier-inside.jpgDIY SE Class A Mosfet Amplifier - inside view20265 viewsInside view of John's DIY amplifier which follows Mark's Single Ended DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier topology. For more information, see the project thread at
Fostex-FE206E-Back-Loaded-Horn.jpgFostex FE206E in Back Loaded Horn Enclosure17848 viewsThese are my Fostex FE206E fullrange speaker drivers in the Fostex FE208 Sigma recommended cabinets. The speaker cabinets are made using 2 layers of ply 1/2" and 3/4", mahogany stained sides and birds eye maple baffles.
Fostex-FE208e-Sigma-Enclosure.pdfFostex FE208E Sigma Reccomended Enclosure17610 viewsThe Fostex recommended enclosure plans for the FE208EZ.
Mike-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amp2.jpgDIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier - Inside17164 viewsInside view of amplifier which follow Mark's DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier Design. You can see the heavy duty power supply. For more information, see the build log.
SV100852.JPG175W DIY Solid State Amp Kit15516 viewsThough this amp is designed as a hi-fi power amp with very low distortion figures, I use it as a guitar amp due to it’s high power. The PS is rated at 500VA. It plays extremely loud and can deliver nearly 200W into 4 ohms.
IMG_3290.jpgDIY Open Baffle Speakers15022 viewsA pair of open baffle speakers driven by a Gainclone Chip Amp. Not your everyday boxy sound. Amazing.
Mark-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amplifier.jpgZero Component Amplifier - Single MOSFet SE Class A14711 viewsThis is another shot of the ZCA. It shows how the PS and heat sink all fit into one good looking case. Most of the heat is generated by the load resistors which are forward of the amp and line-up with the breather holes of the case. For more information, see DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier Project page.
nvx200-amplifier-module.jpgnxV200 DIY Amplifier Module13812 viewsThese Australian designed amplifier modules are beautifully made with surface mounted components. They use V-FETS for the main power device and are extremely compact. I have been asked, by the purchaser of these modules, to build them into complete amps in a bi-wire (woofer/mid and tweeter) configuration. And to design the PS for each. We have chosen to construct the modules in two separate enclosures, so two modules per enclosure and PS.

The speakers they will be driving are bi-amp ready and the amps will be driven by active crossovers with level controls.
S-5-Electronics-K-12M-Tube-Amp-Schematic.pngS-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier Schematic13698 viewsSchematic for the S-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier. This is a scan of the schematics that was supplied with my kit.
Philips-AD5200-AD4200-Open-Baffle-Plans.jpgOpen Baffle Plans for Phillips AD4200 and AD5200 Series13697 viewsThese are Open Baffle Plans for the Phillips AD 4200, AD 4200 M, AD 4200 AM, AD 5200, AD 5200 M, AD 5200 AM.
summer_2006_068.jpgDual Mono DIY Phono Preamplifier13239 viewsDual Mono DIY Phono Preamplifier
Finish.JPGTandy Optimus 77 Upgrade12860 viewsThese Tandy Optimus 77, though many years old, had never been used. They were in as new condition but the woofer surround had rotted. I replaced the 5” woofer with an inexpensive 4” driver. I made clamps to hold it in place and heavy foam to ensure a good seal. The Xover 4.7uf cap was replaced with a quality cap and additional dampening added. They good but not stunning.
12AX7-Golden-Dragon-Valve-PreAmp.jpgTube Preamp with Golden Dragon 12AX712845 viewsThis is a 12AX7 Tube preamp kit with many upgraded components. The tube is a Golden Dragon 12AX7. The capacitors are Sprague "Orange Drops".
K-8LS-Tube-Amplifier-Schematic.pngS-5 Electronics K-8LS Tube Amplifier Kit Schematic12428 viewsSchematic for S-5 Electronics K-8LS Tube Amplifier Kit.
Fostex-FX120-Bass-Reflex.jpgFostex FX120 in Bass Reflex Speaker Box12174 viewsThe front baffle is MDF and you can see the deep piano gloss finish on the curved enclosure. The grill is held in place with magnets and is included with the cabinet. See the Fostex FX120 DIY Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speakers page for more information.
Goldwood-Open-Baffle-Speakers-Back.jpgGoldwood Open Baffle Speakers - Rear View11944 viewsRear view of 8" and 15" Goldwood drivers on an open baffle.
ClubSpeakers.jpgMelbourne Audio Club December meeting 200711921 viewsDIY night is traditionally held the last meeting of the year. Not only was there a varied array of DIY speakers there was also amps and cables and processing gear. My equipment (Synergy) was demonstrated through the big light coloured boxes which sounded commanding in the large meeting room.
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