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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

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IMGP2958~0.JPGLME49810 with ThermalTrak NJL3281D/1302D output devices5458 viewsThis is a chip amplifier (chipamp) based on the National Semiconductor LME49810 high-performance, high fidelity audio power amplifier driver chip. The output stage is a conventional emitter following using ThermalTrak to achieve good thermal tracking.
Fostex-FE127E-DIY-Bass-Reflex-Speaker-2.jpgFostex FE127E Vented Bookshelf Speaker5455 viewsPhotographs of the finished bookshelf speakers on a speaker stand. The enclosure is based on the Fostex FE127E Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speaker design by Rabbitz.

The enclosure is made from 15 mm MDF and is well braced. The woodworking and finishing of the speaker cabinets was done by a friend.
Finished-AMP6-T-Amp-Front.jpgAMP6 T-Amp (Class-T) - Front5447 viewsFront view of finished DIY AMP6 T-Amp kit.
DIY-Seas-Granite-Speakers.jpgGranite Speakers with Seas Drivers5442 viewsThese unique looking speakers are housed in a bass reflex enclosure constructed out of black granite. The enclosure size is 15L and tuned to 45 Hz. The drivers, G17REX/P woofer and Seas 27 TFFC tweeter are from Seas. The crossover is second order at 2500 Hz. See the project page: DIY Granite Loudspeakers with Seas Drivers for more information.
DSCF0800-C.JPGDIY-GENE Mark Levinson Clone 60Watt Class A Amplifier5442 viewsFor those that are less willing to create their own cases. Here is a completed DIY-GENE Mark Levinson Clone 60Watt / Ch Dual Mono Amplifier. It is hernia inducing weighing in at nearly 50Kg. The kit comes with most of the amplifier electronics built and tested and with all the casing components. All you need to do is to build the PSUs and put it all together. This example has 2 x 65-0-65V at 10A each. It runs very HOT as you would expect a high output Class A amplifier to run. Great care must be taken to mount the 12 x Output Transistors correctly, a small mistake cost me over £60.00 in burnt components. Note the Capacitor connections and the extremely BEEFY PSU.

Built by Andy Freestone
DSCN0746.JPGK-16LS Customized Tube Amplifier Kit5390 viewsAdded silicone dampers to the tubes and upgraded the lamp-switch power cord to an IEC jack.
Mill_2.JPGRear View of the DIY OTL Tube Amps 5386 viewsThe chassis of my amps were machined in this German Milling machine - a real beast . It had to be repaired at a few stages just to complete the build. You can see the torodials that are used for the Driver stage ( smallest ) ..The Heaters ( next largest 6.3vac @ 32A ) and the Output Power supply ( the largest toroid - 1KVA @ 100 VAC )
DIY-Granite-Speakers.jpgDIY Granite Speakers5384 viewsThese are granite speakers that Radoslav from Slovakia has put together. The bookshelf sized loudspeaker uses the Seas G17REX/P woofer and Seas 27 TFFC tweeter with a 2nd order XO at 2500 Hz.

For full details, see the DIY Seas Granite Speaker project page.
DIY-Turntable.jpgDIY Turntable with Dual 701 Direct Drive Motor5369 viewsThe DIY turntable is built around the drive motor assembly from a Dual 701 record player. The plinth is built up by stacking plywood pieces. The tonearm is made from scratch following a complicated magnetically stabilized pick-up design.

For full project details see the DIY Turntable project page.
Stereo_and_Seas_FA22RCZ_in_Open_Speaker_Enclosure.jpgSeas FA22RCZ Fullrange Speakers5342 viewsShown in the photo is my hi-fi stereo setup with and new pair of open cabinet speaker which I built. The diy speakers use a single Seas FA22RCZ driver per cabinet. The Seas FA22RCZ is a 200 mm (8") diameter fullrange driver with a sensitivity of about 94dB. The cabinet has an open bottom, see the Seas FA22RCZ Fullrange in Open Speaker Cabinet photo for more details.

The sound is very clean, open and free of compression artifacts, similar to open baffle speakers. Nevertheless, it has a satisfying bass depth.

See my blog for more information. It is written in German but you can use the Google translate tool on the right side of the page to translate.

Kind regards,
Carsten Bussler from Germany
SV100870.JPGOP Amp Preamp - from the rear5311 viewsFrom the rear of the case you can see the power connection (for 18V 1.2A regulated wall wart) gold output and input connections. More information for this diy audio project is available at the DIY OPA2134 Preamp Project page.
AMPBOTOM.jpgS5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amp Kit - underside5306 viewsUnderside view of top plate. This tube amp is built from an S-5 Electronics K-12 Tube Amplifier Kit.
K12G-Tube-Amplifier-Kit-Zach.jpgZach's K12G Tube Amplifier Kit5261 viewsFront and rear views of the K12G Tube Amplifier Kit put together by Zach.

For more information about these inexpensive tube amp kits, see the S-5 Electronics DIY Tube Amplifier Kits page.
Pass_Aleph_4_DIY_Amp_Project.jpgVariant of the Aleph 4, a true 100W Class-A amplifier5252 viewsBuilt on a budget of less than £200 (mostly E-Bay). It generates some 400W of heat so the heatsinking is massive as are the power supplies. It uses 24 x IRFP244 MOS-FETs which are closely matched into groups of 6. This is the most exhaustive part of the build. Other than that the design is incredibly simple. PCBs are available from, although my article at details the process and patterns that I used for my own build.

In the guise that you see in the photo, this amplifier runs at an internal temperature of 45 degrees C on a warm British Summer day, which is well below the 70-80 degrees that Nelson himself allows for his commercial products. The sound quality is simply STUNNING. I’m running an Arcam CD36 / Pumpkin-Shuntky Pre-amp / Passive Attenuator / B&W DM633 with Chord Chorus Silver Interconnects. The bass slam is accurate and endless, the sound stage perfect and the midrange just sweet as a nut. This replaced my A700, itself a clone of a Mark Levinson design, and absolutely knocks the ML into the ground.

The full project build can be seen at

Andy Freestone
IMG_3232.JPGK-12G tube amplifier kit build5236 viewsPhoto of a S-5 Electronics K-12G tube amplifier kit which has been built into an old Kenwood solid state amplifier case.
DIY-5687-Tube-Preamplifier.jpgDIY 5687 Tube Preamplifier5217 viewsThis is my first DIY 5687 tube preamplifier. Sounds great for such a simple preamp. Front view.
P37aFinishedS.jpgElliott Sound Discrete transistor preamp P37A5217 viewsI made this for a very loyal customer with nothing but a schematic and vero-board. Worked first time. Low current draw (~3mA @ +/- 16V). The sound is very clean and flat. This preamp will definitely please the purist solid state amp lovers.

See the project page for the schematic: Minimalist Discrete Hi-Fi Preamp - Project 37, Revision A

More information about this build is available from the Elliott Sound Products Discrete SS Minimalist Hi-Fi Preamp thread.

Mark Houston

K-16LS-Tube-Amplifier-Kit-Modifications.jpgK-16LS Tube Amplifier Kit with Modifications5182 viewsHere are a couple of photos of Andy's K-16LS Tube Amplifier Kit. The enclosure is a Hammond 16" x 8" x 3" aluminum chassis. The original audio output transformers are 5K6 OPT's from an ELLA amplifier. For more information about Andy's build and modifications, see his webpage.

More information about these kits is available at the S-5 Electronics Tube Amp Kit page.
2nd_monoblock.JPGUnderbelly shot of the DIY OTL Tube monoblock5174 viewsStrangely enough , the second was made intentionally Mirror Image , but I had neglected the fact that the Toroids had the same winding tail positions , so the build wasn't perfectly mirror image after all . This actually was a bit of a headache , since the first was more ideally layed out in electrical design & visual eye candy
EL84-Single-Ended-Tube-Amp.jpgTesting a DIY SE EL84 Tube Amp5168 viewsHere I am testing the Single Ended EL84 Stereo Amplifier. The whole AMP fits on a 100 by 160 mm DIY PCB. A double triode ECC88 / 6DJ8 or ECC82 tube is used to amplify the input signal. See other photo for the finished amplifier and more details.
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